Limbic Ideological Dimension

 A purely academic initiative aiming at the formulation of the Limbic ideological dimension and as to why it is more than just a postmodern thought and how its eruption is crucial at a time when both the right and the left are confused in relation to tackling the mass uprisings, where either it be a right ruled state or a left ruled state, the crisis has erupted from below, and the help of the rainbow known as the centrist thought where both sides take a deviation is also not giving positive results. 

Shimla Limbic Testing Ground

  The project aims at testing the Limbic ideological dimension to its core in Shimla the former summer capital of British India and the current capital of the Himachal Pradesh province of India with the belief that due to humongous presence of the centrists and the right and left wingers in the small hill town it would be the best place to search the Limbicians. 

Global Legal Order

 It may be true that because of man laws exist but instead It shall not be perceived to be false if I say that because of the law, man is existing and in the future may continue to exist but the survival is getting tougher and so are the increasing complexities of laws, as in one region an act may be a crime in the other it may be an incentive, in one aspect killing someone may lead to a death penalty in the other aspect it may fetch you an award, In one law a state claims to forward peace in the other the same state legalizes violence. A person is given a right to self-determine his representative on the other not to self-determine his region or language, and in this divide, the two main antagonists are the national and the international laws. As individual law provided by nature states that a human being has the right to defend himself which led to coming up of laws and institutions in the first place  and when the group increased the local or community driven setup came up and then with mammoth increase the provincial and national setups came into being and in this globalized era where boundaries seem to be unwanted, it would be fair to say that in fact, the globe needs a global setup with a proper global law at place. 

Kashmir Peace Code (KPC)

The project aims at resolving the Kashmir dispute by the use of instruments especially pertaining to the Limbic ideological dimension which primarily deals with infusing the elements of insaniyat (humanity), jamhooriyat (democracy) and kashmiriyat (kashmiri brotherhood).The key elements on which analysis and research is being done are:-

· The respective roles of the governments of New Delhi and Islamabad during the 1989 insurgency imposed in Indian administered Kashmir.

· The Hurriyat and other separatist groups vision for the future on especially issues like self-determination and secular state.

· Analysis of human rights violations in the region due to the huge presence of armed forces in New Delhi, Islamabad and Beijing administered Kashmir.

· How the shift occurred from tajomouj (a ceremony, where if a baby was born in a hindu family his first breastfeed was from a muslim mother and vice versa) to the hindu-muslim divide.

· As to whether the whole of Kashmir becoming one UN-administered territory is a viable option or not.