About Us

The Movement

Limbic Movement is the world's first structured ideological movement dedicated towards the advancement of the Limbic ideological dimension and the formulation of the New Political Spectrum.

It is centered around a civic & social organizational sphere furthering the use of this dimension in the fields of Law, Public Policy & Social Work. 

Limbic Ideological Dimension

Limbic as an ideological dimension of the political spectrum is being developed by Vishal Sharma currently he is working on "Limbic: the undiscovered dimension of the political spectrum" and the study's initial findings  proves the fact that the Limbic is a part of the political spectrum which in the future will serve as a full fledged ideological dimension.

The thought process in the Limbic includes working  on the formation of any systematic setup based upon emotions, it is combination of the right and left terminology in one sense and is entirely separate from the centrist ideological thought.

The concept came into plight after the study of a psychological theory called the 'Whole Brain Approach' which studies the brain and the way it runs through its four major systems (Right,Left,Cerebral & Limbic) and although according to the findings the political spectrum is similar to the psychological theory of the Whole Brain in its typology but it does not have this fourth dimension , and this is a finding the study tends to initiate with the belief that this would eventually lead to the formation of a New Political Spectrum which would have four major political dimensions.